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reConsortia (REC) tracks the world’s relationships starting with real estate referrals using blockchain technology.

There’s $20B in Untracked Commissions.

There’s no tech that tracks referrals from start to close with settlement for commission payment. It’s all paperwork and phone calls.

This broken system kills your productivity and earning potential.

It’s 2019.

  • You shouldn’t have to call an agent and ask if the referral has closed.

  • You shouldn’t have to hunt down your referral checks.

How many clients can you refer?

of Property Owners About to Sell
Annual Referral Transactions
of Property Owners About to Buy
How Much Each Referral is Worth

Knock-Knock. It’s reConsortia.

The CarFax for Property.

We created a patent-pending Title Token to track all relationships and events tied to a parcel of property. We’re starting with real estate referrals. Here’s why:


Spoiler: Everyone Wins.

The Entire Industry

Margins are too tight for bad leads.

  • Track your referrals for FREE.

  • Quality leads from humans, not machines.


Stay on top. Or get there.

  • Dominate market share

  • Reengage with inventory

  • Get your agents leads

  • Get those referral payments

Top Performers

You’re winning. Win more.

  • Tag and track relationships

  • Annuitize a book of business

Emerging Agents

Growth? We’ve got you covered.

  • Expand your network

  • Get those leads

Referral Only Agents

Keep those referrals coming!

  • Zero-Fee, riskless business model

  • Recipient brokers everywhere. Always.

Trusted Process

We use blockchain to track referrals from the start until the referral fee is paid. Blockchain ensures security and authenticity of all information.



By Realtors. For Realtors.

Our team has decades of experience all across the real estate world. We’ve seen the past. And we’re thinkers – always ahead of the curve. That’s why REC is top of the NAR Second Century Ventures REACH® class of 2019. REACH® is the #1 Accelerator in Real Estate and accelerates promising new real estate tech companies.

We know that property itself is worthless. It’s the relationships that are associated with a property that create value. In the future, we’ll take those relationships to the next level.

The REC Title Token will track all relationships and events tied to a parcel of property. This relationship tracking goes far beyond the referral and settlement process. The second phase of the REC Title Token deployment is the consumer facing portal where access to the REC Title Token is granted by the REP to the property owner. Property updates such as mortgages, sales data, liens and encumbrances will be branded and stewarded by the REP.

The distributed nature of the Title Token dataset will facilitate the sharing of property information in compliance with the Dodd Frank Act. It’s a tool for capital markets. REC can inject more liquidity into the marketplace.

The distributed nature of the REC Title Token and the database of properties lends itself to the creation of a registry for escrow lookups of referral payments due to procuring parties. The longer-term goal is to have the REC registry referral lookup become native in the escrow settlement process.

Any Questions?

Yes! And if you don’t have a recipient, we’ll find you on on our marketplace. Our network of agents and brokers will make you happy.

REC is a technology company, not a real estate brokerage. Any real estate practitioners, settlement agents, loan originators/underwriters, and anyone else from any firm can join the REC community!

Yes! We’re democratic. Referral splits are set on a peer-to-peer basis. So, you determine the commission split.

Yes! Any broker can join and utilize the Real Estate Consortia platform to track referrals from referral only agents to top performing sales agents.

Get in touch with our relationship manager, Andrew McGahren. or (914) 274-1539

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