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reConsortia created a proprietary patent-pending Distributed Title Ledger (DTL) for every piece of real estate in the United States. The DTL gives real estate practitioners the opportunity to track their real estate client relationships – property referrals, off-market inventory, vendor services, you name it.

We increase client retention and ensure recurring business.

The magic happens on our products: The Title Token, Referral Map and Referral Track.

Why This Matters

Real estate practitioners and vendors lose $20B each year to lost commissions, excess marketing, and wasted time.

Commission compression and a fracturing industry only make it worse.

Don’t Fear! We’re here

  • We’re creating a universal, worldwide real estate network that provides value to everyone real estate touches, from agents to MLSs, now and forever.

    How? Let’s take a deep dive into our products.

Referral Match

Request or bid on all types of referrals. Find the perfect match on reConsortia.


Referral Track

We use blockchain to track referrals from the start until the referral fee is paid.



Who Benefits


Yes! And if you don’t have a recipient, we’ll find you on on our marketplace. Our network of agents and brokers will make you happy.

REC is a technology company, not a real estate brokerage. Any real estate practitioners, settlement agents, loan originators/underwriters, and anyone else from any firm can join the REC community!

Yes! We’re democratic. Referral splits are set on a peer-to-peer basis. So, you determine the commission split.

Yes, we handle any and all disputes.

Solid Foundations

Our team has decades of experience all across the real estate world. We’ve seen the past. And we’re thinkers – always ahead of the curve.

That’s why REC is top of the NAR Second Century Ventures REACH® class of 2019. REACH® is the #1 Accelerator in Real Estate and develops promising new real estate tech companies.

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